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Project CARS - A Game That Can Become a REVOLUTION

I suppose that today's world is hard to find a person who has never heard of games like "Need for Speed", "Gran Turismo" and "Forza Motorsport", because each of these titles over the years and thrown off a special extensions. But already a month cooking something with any of these glorious title does have some direct links, and a game that would be by the end of the year should appear on the market could bring us all together certainly make you forget the aforementioned titles at a time.

When I first times in one of the magazines related games exposed in a hotel game in the neighborhood saw the commercial for the first time, " The Need for Speed ​​", I wanted a new computer for Christmas. 
course, I have not got a computer so fast, but when the household finally enriched with new digital a family member, I insisted that in itself has absolute novelty then called CD-Rom , because the " NFS "number one came only on CD. initial installation lasted for some time, but when it finally ended, the first launch of the game stuck my screen, because as a kid whose driver's license at the moment looks like a distant dream I had no other way quite enjoyed at the wheel and that is a greater pleasure. When it was an introduction to the game and when they are within the same visual stimuli, such as the Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 , a Lamborghini Diablo , Ferrari beautiful model 

Today the situation is somewhat different ... In today's world when the car visually elaborate simulation to perfection, often seems to be lost in the story thread, because the visual part is absolutely essential, but it is also important that the game play (too ) often does not even on the horizon. Can not judge for others, but I was a little silly while playing some games (when to do this and I have the time) to score a car into a wall with 200 kilometers per hour and continue with stains on the front bumper, ie as if nothing had happened, and just like that today operates the largest number of games. On the one hand before you start playing on the screen be sure to arrive a warning that says about "buckle up if wild, be wild on a nearby trail", and for a couple of minutes afterwards often wonder where is the reality that the authors promote the game on the box containing the DVD . But this is today and of which you just can not escape, so therefore inclined to only the best and most realistic simulation of the world of cars in this stupid little time can boast. latest installment of the game " Forza Motorsport " 

somehow I do not fit in household budget, due to the fact that in the house for the new X-Box One I have no place, no money at the moment, so the game remains a mystery for now, but the new " Gran Turismo "in its sixth incarnation indeed I have tried over the last few days. In a result to that, the state's simultaneous fascination and a kind of disappointment because of things that are obviously redundant, not to change, and consequently " GT6 "I can not call it perfect, just good enough justification for the loss of sleep. Translation: I actually said that " Gran Turismo 6 "a worthy successor to the original 15 years ago, but at the same time in the world of simulation car did not bring anything new and never before seen. Togo is aware and crew from " Slightly Mad Studios , "and is already months, little by little discovers something that these savages from the UK started to work very seriously. Under the project named " Project CARS "at this moment is a visually the most amazing game I've ever had the opportunity to see, according to the disclosures of the authors," 

Desire is the world of simulation cars enter something unprecedented - and in terms of graphics and sound, and also in terms of atmosphere and physics. In short, we want you to sit behind the wheel of a real car in your living room. " I have to admit that such a revelation sounds honestly and directly, but even better than that, the same is corroborated by experience that this team is gained by doing " Need for Speed: Shift "mini-series of games and a few days ago with a few hundred photos that are (according to the author) taken from the game itself. Details about the game at this point describe some playing variations on the theme of career and accompanying events during the Games, and in the domain of types of cars that would be in the game should find mention Karting , GT cars , Touring cars , Le Mans Series competition. The paths are not specified - just like the options in terms of tuning, style accessories and car manufacturers who are portrayed in the game, but according to photographs trained eye can not escape the occasional detail that reveals some brands, models and paths. Anyway, I do not remember I looked with such large gusto and read the announcement for one game, and I believe that I am not the only one. Hopefully it will only " Project CARS"turn out the way it creators already announced - revolution. 

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